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To maximise your chances of passing on this course, you must be confident in real/nominal returns, Excel arithmetic calculations and IF statements, calculating the component parts of an income tax calculation and already doing comprehensive financial planning where more than one client objective is covered in a financial plan

  1. 1
    • How to access the live training and use the course library

    • Download the app: Link and instructions

    • Questions about your case study? Post it in the community chat using this link

    • Day 1: CFP Fast Track Course: Login here at 09:30

    • Day 2: CFP Fast Track Course: Login here at 09:30

    • Day 3: CFP Fast Track Course: Login here at 09:30

    • Day 4: CFP Fast Track Course: Login here at 09:30

    • Optional: Book your 1:2:1 coaching session with Chris using this link

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    • The CISI L7 case study - what you will receive

    • Reading: Must do!

    • Get up to speed technically: Resources

    • Here is a run down of the additional help that you can get from us

    • Podcast motivation

  3. 3
    • How to set the assumptions for your financial plan

    • Podcast: How to set and reason your assumptions

    • More on how to set the assumptions for your financial plan

    • Applying your assumptions and constructing your spreadsheets

    • Finding historic information and learning more about assumptions

    • Podcast: The dangers of erring on the side of caution and what to do instead

  4. 4
    • Excel: Before you start creating your spreadsheets ensure you know how to do these things..

    • School fees funding

    • Podcast: Advice from ex-assessors - Retirement planning

    • Retirement planning: Deep dive part 1

    • Retirement planning: Deep dive part 2

    • Annuity purchase amendment and also how to change to a drawdown option instead

    • Retirement planning: Deep dive part 3 - adding NICs

    • If you have large dividends in your case study

    • Retirement planning: Deep dive part 4

    • Protection: Deep dive - death and disability

    • Estate planning - How to structure it

    • Estate planning: Deep dive

  5. 5
    • Do this BEFORE writing up your financial plan

    • The structure of your financial plan

    • Creating the text of your financial plan

    • Action plan and review

    • Assessing your financial plan

    • Podcast: Advice from ex-assessors - Financial plan assessment tips

    • Final checks: Paperwork to complete

    • Podcast: Advice from ex-assessors - More financial plan assessment tips

    • If you need any extra help after the course

    • Common problems when writing up your plan wording and what to do about them

    • Final checks: Common problems and assessment standards

    • Have you been unsuccessful with your CISI L7 case study assessment submission?

  6. 6
    • End of course survey (<3 mins to complete)

Benefits to you

You will be creating your own financial plan based on your CISI L7 case study. We will give you the tools and support to do that. By the end of the course you will have created the majority of your financial plan, if not all of it! Here's what you can expect....

  • Four days of live online sessions - split into two parts

  • Create a financial plan to meet the assessment standards

  • Get the correct structure of your financial plan

  • Library of reference materials to help you

  • Mark your own financial plan and make the necessary amendments

  • Be able to build your own spreadsheets to meet your case study requirements

  • Avoid common mistakes

  • Obtain 1:2:1 help and group community support

  • Save time and money

  • Maximise your chances of passing

Bonus material

All these extras come free with this course saving you over £1,000!

  • Bonus material

    One 30-minute post-course 1:2:1 coaching sessions with Jackie worth £85

  • Bonus material

    Regular group coaching sessions to keep you on track and answer queries worth £450

  • Bonus material

    Library of comprehensive information, templates and how-to videos and information to build your own excel spreadsheets worth over £500

Don't miss out

If you want a to gain your CFP certification by minimising the time spent on your case study, then this course is for you! Spend your time wisely with us to create your financial plan for the assessment. This course delivers all that whilst helping you manage the busy end of tax year work by splitting the course into manageable parts- so what are you waiting for, sign up today.